Yagpo application form pdf

The electronic forms and supporting technical documentation yagpo application form pdf available below. Previous news can be found here.

The eAF will be impacted by essential maintenance to SPOR data services on between 18:00-19:00hrs on Thursday, 17 May 2018. There is no impact to the Variation application form. The updated DES documents and XSD files are now available for all 4 forms under the Technical Documents section below. This is in preparation for the scheduled go live of eAF Version 1. The eAF guidance for how to request new substances and terms has been updated. Please refer to the eAF Term Request Form section below. The eAF will be impacted by essential maintenance to SPOR data services on Saturday, 10 March and Sunday, 11 March 2018.

This new version is a hotfix release v1. 1 of the forms and can be used as of today, 16th February 2018. The version of the form should not be changed during an ongoing procedure. As of 15 February 2018 version 1. Older versions of the forms will no longer be supported. Please note that applicants should use Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader DC for locking the forms. Note: The milestones for the planned mandatory use of OMS within the eAF and CESP Dataset Module are currently under review and will be published soon.

How to complete an eAF based on version 1. If you need to request a missing substance in order to complete an eAF, please submit a request for substance insertion with the corresponding SmPC to the EMA Service Desk portal. The Data Exchange Standards and XML Schema Definitions published here are intended to allow software developers within other organisations to develop systems to process the electronic application form data and build equivalent systems, if required. The EMA will ensure that the latest versions of these documents are published here. Whilst all of these forms are also available via the Gov. There is no downloadable form for this. It must be the paper version which we can arrange to be delivered to you at no charge or you can collect it from the Post Office.

This is the form that you need to complete if your passport has been lost or stolen. This form needs to be sent to Her Majesty’s Passport Office if your passport was lost, stolen within the UK or to your local British Embassy if the passport was lost abroad. You should also report the loss or theft of your passport to your local Police station or the local authorities if you overseas. This form can be faxed or posted. If you are attending someone elses appointment and they are over 16yrs and you are not their parent or guardian then the applicant will need to sign an Authorization Letter giving you permission to attend the appointment on their behalf. There are two versions of this letter.