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NIDEK Advanced Vision Excimer Laser SystemNAVEXDelivering Ultimate Solutions TodayNIDEK delivers the NAVEX Quest, the unique solutions ssc pdf refractive surgery platform. Excimer Laser SystemEC-5000CXIIINIDEK offers the EC-5000CXIII Excimer Laser System – the ultimate refractive corneal surgery system built over yearsof experience to provide safer and more reliable performance with greater accuracy and stability.

5inch color LCD allowscomfortable operation at a nonintrusive distance betweenphysician and patient. Al Mode make it easy to perform high precision measurements. 600The newly designed full graphicLCD with a 4. 7-inch color displayoffers clear and easy recognition ofvarious values, from single-visionlens to progressive lens.

Frame width is within 150 mm. 1600 displays the digitally stored chart images directly on the LCD screen. Combining all three functions in onecompact and innovative device brings a new image to your practice. T h e d e s i g n s i m i l a ri n s i z ea n d. 9 8 0 91 2 .

Excellent Accuracy Accurate and Speedy Measurement A newly developed three meridian phase difference measuring technique is adopted to attain accurate and speedy measurement. 5 i n c h c o l o r L C Da l l o w sc o m f o r t a b l eo p e r a t i o n a t an o n – i n t r u s i v ed i s t a n c eb e tween physicianand patient. A l M o d e m a k e i t e a s yt o p e r form high precision easuremments. 1A c o r n e a lc u r v a t u r e a d i u so fr5 .

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