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This article discusses the power consumption of the Texas Instruments OMAP-L138. Power consumption on the OMAP-L138 device is highly application-dependent, so a spreadsheet is provided to model power consumption for a user’s application. To obtain good results from the spreadsheet, realistic usage parameters must be entered. The data presented in the power of now summary pdf accompanying spreadsheet was measured from strong units, representative of devices at the maximum end of power consumption for production units.

No production units will have average power consumption that exceeds the spreadsheet values. Therefore, the spreadsheet values may be used for board thermal analysis and power supply design as a maximum long-term average. The power data presented in this document are based on measured data with OMAP-L138 silicon revision 2. The spreadsheet discussed in this application report can be downloaded from the URL listed in the Download Section.

Power consumption for the OMAP-L138 can vary widely depending on the use of on-chip resources. Thus, power consumption cannot be estimated accurately without an understanding of the components of the SoC in use and the usage patterns for those components. By providing the usage parameters that describe how and what on the SoC is being used, accurate consumption numbers can be obtained for power-supply and thermal analysis. This model breaks down power consumption into two major components: baseline power and activity power. Using this model, various applications that use the SoC differently can get accurate predictions across the spectrum of possible power consumption on the OMAP-L138. While independent of chip activity, baseline power is dependent on the device operating frequency, voltage, and temperature.

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Activity power is independent of temperature, but dependent on voltage and activity levels. In the spreadsheet, activity power is separated by the major modules within the device. Frequency: The operating frequency of a module or the frequency of external interface to that module. Status: Indicates whether the module is in an enabled or disabled state.

Utilization: The relative amount of time the module is active or in use versus off or idle. Switch: The probability that any one data bit will change state from one cycle to the next. Not all modules include all of the parameters. Therefore, in estimating power for peripherals that typically use EDMA3 for their transfers, the EDMA3 should be kept enabled. The power estimation spreadsheet involves entering the appropriate usage parameters as input data in the spreadsheet.