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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Drow, also known as the color purple score pdf elves, were a dark-skinned sub-race of elves that predominantly lived in the Underdark. In many ways, drow resembled eladrin.

They were shorter than many other sub-races of elves, and while there was no average height difference between male and female drow, females on average were bigger and stronger than males. Men weighed somewhere from 87 to 157 pounds while women weighed somewhere between 82 to 152 pounds. Drow had skin of dark grey to obsidian color and white or yellow hair. Female drow with blonde hues indicated the drow in question was of an older age. Elder male drow had naturally silvering hair. This hair was carefully groomed and cared for by most drow and worn long with jewelry and other accessories decorating it.

Like all elves, drow were incapable of growing beards, though many males were fond of long sideburns. Drow looked attractive, especially their nobles. This wasn’t a coincidence but the result of selective breeding over several generations. Drow had a reputation – even among themselves – to be more fertile than other elves, their bodies’ actual fertility was no different than other elves’, but they owned a higher readiness to birth as many children as possible during their lives.

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An interesting thing about birth was that, when different subraces of elves intermarried, there was an equal chance for the child to inherit either of the parents’ traits. They were also capable of parenting half-drow with humans. This parentage gave these half-elves no different powers than other half-elves as a general rule, exceptions existed who did gain some powers through their parentage. Drow had lifespans far beyond those of humans and comparable with the rest of the elven race, although usually somewhat longer. This was, of course, presuming the drow didn’t meet a premature and violent end, as many often did, but those that survived the trials of their society and the horrors of the Underdark could live for centuries, with a natural lifespan of up to 750 years. Drow had many other special abilities that differentiated them from other races, including other Tel-quessir.

Drow were more agile and alluring than most humanoid races. Like all elves, drow required no sleep but instead entered a meditative trance throughout which they retained full awareness of their surroundings. This state was half-again more efficient than the way in which most races gained rest. Drow had a tremendous resistance to magic and owned a number of abilities unique to them.