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This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. The Second Temple was originally a rather modest structure constructed by a number of Jewish exile groups returning to the Levant from Babylon. However, during the reign of Herod the Great, the Second Temple at the center of time pdf was completely refurbished, and the original structure was totally overhauled into the large and magnificent edifices and facades that are more recognizable. Jewish eschatology includes a belief that the Second Temple will be replaced by a future Third Temple.

The accession of Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire in 559 BCE made the re-establishment of the city of Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Temple possible. These events represent the final section in the historical narrative of the Hebrew Bible. The original core of the book of Nehemiah, the first-person memoir, may have been combined with the core of the Book of Ezra around 400 BCE. Further editing probably continued into the Hellenistic era.

The book tells how Nehemiah, at the court of the king in Susa, is informed that Jerusalem is without walls and resolves to restore them. The king appoints him as governor of the province Yehud Medinata and he travels to Jerusalem. Based on the biblical account, after the return from Babylonian captivity, arrangements were immediately made to reorganize the desolated Yehud Province after the demise of the Kingdom of Judah seventy years earlier. On the invitation of Zerubbabel, the governor, who showed them a remarkable example of liberality by contributing personally 1,000 golden darics, besides other gifts, the people poured their gifts into the sacred treasury with great enthusiasm. The Samaritans made proposals for co-operation in the work. Zerubbabel and the elders, however, declined all such cooperation, feeling that the Jews must build the Temple without help.

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Immediately evil reports were spread regarding the Jews. Samaritans sought to “frustrate their purpose” and sent messengers to Ecbatana and Susa, with the result that the work was suspended. Some of the original artifacts from the Temple of Solomon are not mentioned in the sources after its destruction in 597 BCE, and are presumed lost. The golden altar of incense, with golden censers.