Suicide safety contract pdf

There can be few more challenging suicide safety contract pdf confronting a union rep than the suicide of a work colleague. But suicide affects people at work, which makes it a union issue. Hazards editor Rory O’Neill says this is why the TUC has produced a guide to help reps deal better with suicide risks, prevention and the aftermath of a tragedy at work. And work should not be a spirit-sapping, body-breaking grind.

Hazards editor Rory O’Neill warns bad jobs are driving us over the edge and says it is time to turn and fight for basic decency, security and rights at work. Your job can drive you to kill yourself, but don’t expect your suicide to be counted in official work fatality statistics or for the boss to end up in court. Most of us have seen someone reduced to tears by work stresses. But crying can be just the start of it. Some workers get so distressed they opt for suicide.

It’s the thoroughly modern way to die at work. Top occupational diseases of the 21st century will be heart attacks, suicide and strokes. Hazards argues that none of us should be worked into the ground. Sid Watkins died when his body could no longer stand the “crazy” hours. Stressed out teacher Pamela Relf killed herself. All died because their jobs were just too much to bear.

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