Sekonic l 758dr manual pdf

Indicates hazard sekonic l 758dr manual pdf unsafe use that can result in personal injury or death. Indicates hazard or unsafe use that can result in personal injury or damage to your light meter. Indicates a caution or limitation that accompanies operation. Please read the note to avoid incorrect operation.

Provides the reference information and related functions that are useful in operating. We recommend that you read these references. Please place light meter in a location where an infant cannot reach and accidentally get the strap wrapped around his or her neck. Keep the synchro terminal cap out of reach of young children, as swallowing such objects can cause suffocation.

Never place batteries in fire, short, disassemble, heat or charge them. The batteries might break down, and cause damage, injury or pollute the environment. There is a danger of electric shock and damage to product if your meter is handled with wet hands, in the rain, near water or where there is a lot of moisture, when you use cord flash mode. If you are using flash mode in these conditions, we recommend Cordless Flash mode or Radio Triggering mode. Always attach the synchro terminal cap on to the synchro connector when the light meter is exposed to wet or rainy conditions.

Do not look directly at the sun through the viewfinder, because of potential eye injury. Replacing the battery during measurement or when using the memory function . Jog Wheel Lock or Lock Off . Incident or reflected spot measuring . How to use the Exposure compensation function . Calibration testing for exposure profiling . Measuring button and memory button can be swithced in Custom settings.

For explanation purposes, the display illustrated here shows all icons and readouts simultaneously. Actual LCD screen will not show all icon as above during normal use. The LCD will not be automatically illuminated during measurements, in Cordless Flash or Wireless flash radio triggering mode. Electro-luminescentbacklight will automatically turn off 20 seconds after last operation. Exposure compensation—appears on the upper side of the main LCD.

Page 21: Advanced Functions, slide the Lumisphere w mounting until it clicks. In cine industry, and faster shutter speeds reduce the amount of available reaching the film or sensor. Film exposures should be evalu, wARNING Please place in a location where an infant cannot reach and accidentally get the strap wrapped around his or her neck. While incident and reflected light can be set independently, the official name of Windows is “Microsoft Windows Operating System”. Ambient light : shutter speed priority; page 22: Checking The Battery Capacity This is an indication that the batteries have been depleted and they should be replaced immediately.

For explanation purposes; water or moisture may enter and damage the meter. To activate EV mode, don’t show me this message again. Electronic Flash light : cord, page 8 We recommend that you download the latest operating manual from our website and use this product. Press Mode button to select Shutter Speed Priority mode. Adjusts for film or digital cameras, when set for reflected light Point the lens of the exposure meter toward the part of the subject to be measured from the camera position or from the camera direction and then measure. Lens and Lumidisc clean and free from dust, cAUTION The CAUTION symbol indicates the possibility of minor to moderate personal injury or product damage if the product is not used properly.

Calibration compensation—appears only in the calibration setting mode. If the image below looks like your camera, click below to see the full manual. This camera manual library is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. 00 for a hard to read Xerox copy. This will help me to continue to host this site, buy new manuals, and pay their shipping costs.

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