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So you want to be a teacher? Tips and ideas from Kerry Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield on teaching the present perfect aspect. However, sooner or later you will be looking at different uses of the present perfect, and more often than not its relation with the past tense. This is where things often get tricky, partly because of the potentially misleading word present in present perfect.

It could be worthwhile to focus the students’ attention first on the perfect and then the present. An easy way of explaining perfect is to use the word before. But since the past simple is also technically before the present, this does not cover all the uses of the perfect aspect. Another technical term is in retrospect, for which looking back is easier. So the present perfect is before the present, or looking back from the present. How many activities can you make for the present perfect?

Since the present perfect is used to talk about experiences, the possibility for activities is as endless as that of experiences that human beings can have. Group the questions around a particular theme. Have you ever met a movie star? Have you cried at the cinema?

Have you left the cinema before the movie ended? Have you ever taken part in a video conference? Have you ever had a computer virus? Have you ever bought anything on the internet?

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Have you ever spent a night in hospital? Have you ever broken a bone? Have you ever had an operation? Have you ever cheated on an exam? Have you ever copied homework from someone else? These can be done by students in pairs, or organised into a larger survey, with students having different questions and reporting back their findings.

That tricky use of the present perfect to talk about an action that happened in the past but that has relevance now can be practised with a variety of drills. Write the following on the board. Because I’ve seen it a hundred times! Tell the students they must respond to one of your prompts with an expression from the board. Call on individual students and ask questions which will elicit one of the answers. Why don’t you want to see Mission Impossible 2? Why don’t you have your book today?