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School counselors and school psychologists have long functioned as crucial educational personnel assisting students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other school personnel in meeting the educational and behavioral objectives of children within jolly phonics readers pdf outside of the classroom. Among the pressing issues in education today is the need to identify effective strategies to accommodate the increasing cultural and linguistic diversity of U. We then elaborate on the role and function of school counselors and school psychologists and how they can assist in the delivery of appropriate services to minority schoolchildren and their families. Moreover, by 2050, half of the U.

Latino percentage in the general population in the future. Hispanic population has created a need for a paradigm shift within psychology. We propose that the overall increase of minority children enrolled in our schools requires a paradigm shift not only inpsychology but also in the manner in which we view and provide educational services. The increase in cultural and linguistic diversity has resulted in many challenges for educators.

These challenges are as varied as poverty, unemployment, housing, health needs, and mental health services, to name a few. Culturally and linguistically diverse students face additional hurdles. Such teacher interpretations, unintentionally insensitive as they may be, may create the perception that neither the student nor the student’s culture is valued or respected. When combined with issues of poverty and limited access to quality instruction, the result may be an estrangement from the school community that is manifested in school absence, low achievement, and behavioral difficulties. However, students from poor socioeconomic backgrounds are less likely to have participated in centerbased early-childhood care and education programs. Other areas worth mentioning as problematic include assessment and the placement of minority schoolchildren in special education programs such as programs for children with learning disabilities, for children who are talented and gifted, and for children identified as having behavioral difficulties. The area of intellectual and academic assessment is particularly problematic.

For example, for culturally and linguistically diverse students, referral and enrollment in special education occur at disproportionately high rates, while referral and enrollment in gifted education occur at disproportionately low rates. A higher percentage of minority students were enrolled in special education in predominantly White school districts and in districts with higher proportions of White teachers than in other districts. A subgroup of gifted students that has received little attention is learning-disabled, gifted minority students. African American students in one study were underachieving. These data challenge the often-held belief that many minority students are inherently less capable.

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