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Barclay James Harvest harvest of empire book pdf an English progressive rock band. After signing with EMI’s Parlophone label in the UK for one single in early 1968, they moved to the more progressively inclined Harvest label.

The name for the band, according to The International Barclay James Harvest Fan Club, signifies nothing specifically. Their self-titled debut album was released in mid-1970 to positive reviews, but few sales. By the release of their fourth album, Baby James Harvest, in 1972, the pressures of touring were beginning to affect the band. After this album, they departed from EMI, moved management to Harvey Lisberg, and signed to Polydor, the move immediately resulting in greater sales.

In August 1980, they played a free concert in front of the Reichstag in West Berlin, with an estimated attendance of 250,000 people. The band continued as a trio with regular guest-musicians until 1998. One album, Welcome to the Show, produced in 1990, was released under the abbreviated name BJH. However, because of criticism from fans, the full name was restored, albeit with the inclusion of the BJH moniker. In 1998, musical differences amongst members of BJH saw the band essentially split into two different groups, each of which retained “Barclay James Harvest” as part of its name.

John Lees released an album mixing new songs and classics of the band, entitled Nexus, under the name “Barclay James Harvest Through the Eyes of John Lees”. Mel Pritchard died suddenly of a heart attack in early 2004. Woolly Wolstenholme took his own life in December 2010, having apparently struggled with depression for many years. The two derivatives of Barclay James Harvest continue to record and tour to this day, and enjoy ongoing popularity, particularly in Germany, France, and Switzerland. This derivative of Barclay James Harvest features John Lees, bassist Craig Fletcher, drummer Kevin Whitehead and keyboard player Jez Smith. The band originally featured “Woolly” Stuart Wolstenholme on keyboards before his death in December 2010. The group formed in 1999 to record the album “Nexus”.

The band also formerly featured Jeff Leach and Mike Bramwell as guest musicians. In January 2004, the band performed at the ‘Art on Ice’ spectacular at the Zurich Hallenstadion with Roger Hodgson, John Helliwell and Bob Siebenberg of Supertramp, Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues and Jeremy Spencer of Fleetwood Mac. Upon returning to the UK, Mel Pritchard died from a suspected heart attack. In January 2005, BJHFLH toured with Asia featuring John Payne as support, returning the favour on four UK shows in March of the same year. In 2006, they undertook the Classic Meets Rock Symphonic Barclay Tour with the 25-piece Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.