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To pay online please subscribe using the form below. We will keep you informed of products and services from Lewis Business Media Ltd. If you do not wish your details to be passed to third parties please tick here. This article is about the small rodent species. For the domestic pig breed, see Guinea hog. The domestic guinea pig plays an important role in folk culture for many indigenous Andean groups, especially as a food source, but also in folk medicine and in community religious ceremonies. In Western societies, the domestic guinea pig has enjoyed widespread popularity as a household pet, a type of pocket pet, ever since its introduction by European traders in the 16th century.

Biological experimentation on guinea pigs has been carried out since the 17th century. Galibi tribes once native to French Guiana. How the animals came to be called “pigs” is not clear. The animal’s name alludes to pigs in many European languages. The origin of “guinea” in “guinea pig” is harder to explain. One proposed explanation is that the animals were brought to Europe by way of Guinea, leading people to think they had originated there.

This cat has accepted a pair of guinea pigs. However, the success of interspecies interaction like this depends on the individual animals involved. Domestic guinea pigs generally live in cages, although some owners of large numbers of guinea pigs dedicate entire rooms to their pets. Guinea pigs do not generally thrive when housed with other species.

Housing guinea pigs with other rodents such as gerbils and hamsters may increase instances of respiratory and other infections, and such rodents may act aggressively toward the guinea pig. Guinea pigs can learn complex paths to food, and can accurately remember a learned path for months. Their strongest problem-solving strategy is motion. While guinea pigs can jump small obstacles, most of them are poor climbers, and are not particularly agile.

They startle extremely easily, and either freeze in place for long periods or run for cover with rapid, darting motions when they sense danger. Like many rodents, guinea pigs sometimes participate in social grooming, and they regularly self-groom. A milky-white substance is secreted from their eyes and rubbed into the hair during the grooming process. They have well-developed senses of hearing, smell, and touch. Vocalization is the primary means of communication between members of the species. A “wheek” is a loud noise, the name of which is onomatopoeic, also known as a whistle. An expression of general excitement, it may occur in response to the presence of its owner or to feeding.

It is sometimes used to find other guinea pigs if they are running. If a guinea pig is lost, it may wheek for assistance. A bubbling or purring sound is made when the guinea pig is enjoying itself, such as when being petted or held. It may also make this sound when grooming, crawling around to investigate a new place, or when given food.

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