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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-107180116137. What is breaking seed dormancy pdf dormancy and how is it related to germination?

Definition of seed dormancy Seed dormancy could be considered simply as a block to the completion of germination of an intact viable seed under favourable conditions. A classification system for seed dormancy: The ‘whole-seed view’ Marianna G. Nikolaeva devised a dormancy classification system reflecting that dormancy is determined by both morphological and physiological properties of the seed. Embryos excised from PD-deep seeds either don’t grow or will produce abnormal seedlings. GA treatment does not break their dormancy. Embryos excised from PD-intermediate seeds produce normal seedlings.

Seeds require 2-3 months of cold stratification. The great majority of seeds have non-deep PD. Embryos excised from these seeds produce normal seedlings. This group does not include seeds with undifferentiated embryos. These seeds therefore require a dormancy-breaking treatment, e.

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In most hardseeded species a palisade of radially elongated cells prevents water uptake. Water-impermeability of PY-dormant legume seeds is due to a palisade layer of Malphighian cells in the exotesta. PY-dormancy of legume seeds is released if the lens is disrupted and a ‘water-gap’ allows water uptake. The carpellary micropyle is a discontinuity in the macroslereid layer and the specilized structure that controls water-impermeability. MD is thought to be the ancestral dormancy type among seed plants and is the most primitive dormancy class. The dispersal of seeds with an underdeveloped embryo that need time to grow might have evolved as an ancient strategy to disperse germination over time. PD is the most phylogenetically widespread dormancy class.