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Abstract: While opening current debates on public diplomacy in Slovenia – like in many countries around the world – focusing in particular on its relevance, aims and functioning modes, one should initially find a basic definition or rather a common denominator on the concept. Fundamental understanding about what basic concepts of public administration pdf diplomacy stands for, should further lead to answering questions on public diplomacy’s potentials and expectations.

Key words: public diplomacy, secret diplomacy, persuasion, propaganda, public relations, media, branding states, foreign cultural policy. In the period just before entering the European Union it has been also the Slovenian professional and political space that has been recognizing the need for the so-called public diplomacy. Slovene foreign policy tasks would improve« and that »the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would strengthen its »public diplomacy«. These debates and various statements have brought certain confusion about the meaning of public diplomacy, its goals and ways of activity. Therefore, it is first of all necessary to establish a minimal definition or joint denominator on the concept of public diplomacy. Understanding what public diplomacy basically is or isn’t can bring to answers on the questions what it in the existing conditions can do and what can we reasonably expect from it. Public diplomacy is a public face of a traditional diplomacy.

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Within such understanding we can locate also the concept of public diplomacy. To summarize, public policy can be simply defined as a form of convincing communication with foreign publics in the context of fulfilling the goals of the foreign politics. In professional debates and publicist texts we can often find laic or even wrong understanding of the concept of public diplomacy. It is true that the concept in its different forms of appearance, i.

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