Alex rider graphic novel pdf

Alex rider graphic novel pdf Key is the third book in the Alex Rider series written by British author Anthony Horowitz. The book was released in the United Kingdom on July 8, 2002, and in the United States on April 28, 2003. The book opens with three men landing their plane on the island of Skeleton Key.

1 million or they will go to the American authorities, following a deal to supply General Sarov with uranium. Meanwhile, it is revealed Alex Rider had in fact survived the fight with Dr. Grief’s clone and is visited by John Crawley at school. En route to Skeleton Key, the ‘family’ of Alex, Turner and Troy stop in Miami. The two CIA agents are obviously unhappy about bringing Alex and they attempt to keep as much information from Alex as possible, clearly discrediting him, much to Alex’s frustration. Turner meets a criminal known as ‘the Salesman’ on a boat called the ‘Mayfair Lady’, suspecting that the Salesman was involved in a deal with Sarov.

Arriving in Skeleton Key, Alex notices a Geiger counter in a Game Boy Advance console he was given by the ‘parents’ that is designed to pick up nuclear radiation. Alex learns that Turner and Troy were, in truth, sent to the island to search for a nuclear bomb. Alex wakes up in the Casa de Oro and demands to know what Sarov wants with him who tells Alex he will tell him in time. The next day, Sarov tells him how he had a son named Vladamir whom he encouraged to go to war in Afghanistan. However, he was killed in action by an enemy sniper.

Alex attempts to escape the mansion by hiding in the trunk of a limousine following a lunch meeting between Sarov and Kiriyenko. He is however caught by Sarov thanks to a heartbeat sensor, who spares Alex’s life yet again but punishes him through psychological torture. On the flight to Russia, Sarov tells Alex that they are heading to Murmansk, which contains a shipyard of nuclear submarines. At Murmansk, Conrad plants the bomb on a submarine using a magnetic crane. One of Sarov’s men handcuffs Alex to a handrail close to the submarines, Sarov approaches him and bids him farewell, before leaving.

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